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About Us

  • Yanchao District Public Health Center, Kaohsiung City  Historical evolution

    1.Our center established on October 30, 1950 under the jurisdiction of the Health Yuan of Kaohsiung county.

    2.Started the business on February 1, 1952, temporary borrowed Yanchao District Office to run business.

    3.In August 1957, subsidized by Chinese Countryside Rejuvenate Committee built and launched new office.

    4.Cooperated with the policy to change to be subordinate to Yanchao District Office in September 1960, accepted the guidance from Health Bureau of Kaohsiung County.

    5.Changed to be subordinate to the Health Bureau of Kaohsjung county in August of 1974. 

    6.Subsidized NT 1,680,000 by the health department of Taiwan Provincial Government and Kaohsiung county government to rebuild in the original location in March 1982, our center borrowed Yanchao Junior High School to carry out the business temporary.

    7.In September 1982, in order to make remote village also getting every hygiene medical treatment and health care services, established the clinic at Jinshan village.

    8.Established the Group medical practice center on May 31, 1991.

    9.Space planning was extended and completed on July 29, 1994.

    10.Department of Health of Executive Yuan subsidized and rebuilt the new office building at the same location, completed and launched in June 2000.